'No Collection  No Commission'

Risk Recoveries premium personalized collection service. DebtAction is suitable for debts of any size of not more than 6 years old. (Debts older than 6 years cannot be pursued due to the statute of limitations placed on them). The experienced recovery officer appointed to manage your files will be involved in a true hands-on approach with the debtor with the objective being to obtain payment in full from your customer. Immediate contact is made directly with the debtor to assess when payment will be forthcoming, the process is fully diarised and documented to ensure any agreed time frames or arrangements are strictly enforced.

Demands can contain the recovery of debt collection fees and interest provided the client has a completed and signed credit application or similar document that contains the relevant clauses which will allow DebtForce to do so.

Should a payment arrangement be offered this would be communicated to the client prior to acceptance, as will any disputes or other relevant issues that may come to our attention. Regular assistance and recommendations as to the next best course of action will be provided by your Recovery Officer but the final decision always remains with you the client.

We do encourage the debtor to pay our client directly to assist with their cash flow. Should payment or other arrangements not be forthcoming from the debtor, DebtForce are able to prepare the appropriate legal documentation to take legal action on the client's behalf to recover the debt.

Service Details

Debts any size  
Personalized service
One on one with the debtor
Immediate Debtor contact
Establish debt liability
Client fully informed of any offers of payment or disputes
Repayments documented and monitored by DEBTFORCE
All funds to Trust Account (paid twice monthly)
Commission rate 15%
 Any other costs approval sought from the client prior to action
Costs and interest recovered (If appropriate documentation available)