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Debt Collect Plus effectively extends your in-house credit control and considerably reduces the time and costs of debt recovery by providing easy efficient debtor control when accounts become overdue. The debt demand letter received by your customer is from a real New Zealand based debt recovery company, using our letterhead, providing credibility to that demand and prompting payment. It also assists to quickly identify your slow payers from the real bad debtors cost-effectively. The letter has the effect of prompting the customer to contact you, rather than you having to spend 'hit and miss time chasing them.

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• No limits on debt amounts
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• Online debtor demand letter service
• Suits any size business
• Use whenever you want to (Laptop, Ipad, iPhone)
• Use wherever you are (internet connection required)

3 Letters 1 X $25.00 incl. GST) - $8.33 /Letter - Introductory Special
5 Letters X $80.00 incl. GST) - $16.00 /Letter
10 Letters X $145.00 incl. GST) - $14.50 /Letter
30 Letters X $270.00 incl. GST) - $9.00 /Letter
50 Letters X $390.00 incl. GST) - $7.80 /Letter
100 Letters X $590.00 incl. GST) - $5.90 /Letter
200 Letters X $880.00 incl. GST) - $4.40 /Letter
500 Letters X $2,050.00 incl. GST) - $4.10 /Letter
1000 Letters X $2,950.00 incl. GST) - $2.95 /Letter

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